‘You’re just a young person’: How Indigenous Australians are dealing with the impacts of climate change

‘You’re just a young person’: How Indigenous Australians are dealing with the impacts of climate change

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An indigenous man has been found dead in his home after allegedly being beaten to death.

Key points:The man, known as ‘the Big Guy’, was found with multiple gunshot wounds at his home in the community of Giddens Creek on SundayThe body was later found by his neighbours on TuesdayThe man’s family is devastated by the loss, describing him as a “good-hearted, gentle soul”The man was found by Giddons Creek residents on Sunday after his wife reported him missing.

“I just can’t believe it,” his mother told ABC’s 7.30.

“It’s a very, very sad situation, really.”

The woman said she found the body on Monday, and that her husband had been “being beaten to the ground”.

“We found him with multiple gunshots wounds and he was just in shock, obviously.”

We just want justice for him.

“The family told 7.90 the body had been found in the family’s yard.”

He was just sitting in his bed, he wasn’t in any pain,” her sister, Amanda Liddell, told the programme.”

The family just can barely process it.

“To be honest, they’re very upset because it’s such a tragic situation for a family to be dealing with right now.”

A Queensland coroner has ruled the death a homicide.

“There is no reason why this man should have been killed,” Coroner Michael D’Souza told reporters.

“What he was doing, he was in the middle of his life and he had no reason to be attacked.”

The coroner said it was unclear whether the man’s wife and her family were involved in the incident.

“This is something we are looking at, and we are also looking at what the cause of death is,” Mr D’Suza said.

“But at this stage there is no evidence to suggest the woman and her husband were the ones involved.”

“We are obviously very shocked at the way this has happened and we’re very sorry for the loss and we will be investigating all avenues to get to the bottom of this,” he said.’

This is a very sad case’Family members told the ABC the man was known as the Big Guy.

“Everybody knew him.

He was a very kind, caring man,” Ms Liddill said.

Mr D’D’Sauza said police were appealing for witnesses to come forward.

“At this stage, we don’t have a motive at this time, but we are appealing for anyone who may have witnessed what happened to come and speak to us,” he told the broadcaster.

“You can provide us with any information that you can about this incident.”

Mr D. told the program the man had been known to be “very friendly and helpful”.

“He would often come over and hang out with the people, he loved them and he just had a lot of good qualities,” he added.

“One of them is that he was always smiling.”

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