Why the Indian media is struggling to attract advertisers

Why the Indian media is struggling to attract advertisers

August 19, 2021 Comments Off on Why the Indian media is struggling to attract advertisers By admin

On the morning of May 27, the company that makes the popular social networking site Instagram shut down for a week.

The shutdown was announced on May 27 and lasted for a few days, before being restored.

That caused a massive headache for Indian media organizations and users.

The news was quickly picked up by social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, which made it the subject of multiple posts by various news outlets.

Some of the posts were negative, such as “India has no internet,” or “We need to shut down Instagram and start over.”

The social media platform has been battling a steady decline in users and revenue.

According to a recent report by McKinsey & Co., the Indian social media market has shrunk from 6% of the market in 2011 to 2% in 2017.

In contrast, it grew from 16% of global traffic in 2016 to 21% in 2019.

What’s the solution?

India has a number of issues with its digital infrastructure, including a lack of internet, limited internet access, limited mobile broadband, and no dedicated messaging platforms.

As a result, most of the Indian companies in the social media space have not invested in infrastructure in the country.

To help them, the government of India launched a plan to create an internet service that would allow companies to offer the services in India.

This project, called the Net India Project, was launched on June 1, 2019, and it aims to make India the second largest internet market in the world by 2022.

The government has been investing in building the infrastructure to support the Net Indian Project, including the internet backbone.

In October, the Indian government announced a plan that would provide $150 million over three years for the construction of new fibre-optic lines that would be capable of carrying internet connections to about 1 billion households.

However, many of these lines are already operational.

While the government is building these networks, Indian companies are still looking for ways to connect their services.

For instance, the social networking company Asana has launched a new service called Kakao Talk, which aims to connect more than 1 billion people in India with their mobile apps.

Kakao is the platform for social networking and collaboration for India.

Asana’s CEO, Ashish Bhatia, has said that Kakao Chat is not a direct competitor to Instagram, but rather it’s a “bridge to the future.”

Facebook, meanwhile, has been making efforts to boost the growth of its social media network.

In June 2018, the Facebook group, Instagram India, launched the Kakao Group, which is aimed at bridging the gap between the two companies.

It has also partnered with the social networks Snap and WhatsApp.

According the reports, the Kakoon Group is also working to develop a similar social network for the Indian military.

As the Kako Group’s website states, it is focused on bridging two worlds: “As the first company that is building a digital network for India, Facebook is also a leader in building a global digital ecosystem, which will serve as a hub for our businesses, while also supporting our people in building and using their own digital networks.”

In June, Facebook said that it has invested $5.2 billion in India in the coming fiscal.

The company has also invested in new services, like Messenger, to help connect people with friends and family.

The Kakao group has also started to attract a lot of attention from investors.

In July, it announced that it will invest $6 billion in a new digital business that will help the Kakoo Group reach 1 billion users.

As India is in the middle of a severe drought, there is also the issue of a shortage of water, which has led to a sharp drop in internet access.

This is a huge problem in India, which needs water for irrigation and irrigation is expensive.

The country is also facing massive food shortages.

As many as 5 million farmers have reported having no access to water for more than three months a year, which accounts for around 80% of India’s population.

This has created a serious financial burden on farmers.

In April, the Narendra Modi government announced that the government will build a hydropower project in Gujarat that will provide water to the entire country for one month a year.

The project is scheduled to start by the end of June.

The drought in the state has caused farmers to suffer.

As of May, over 1.6 million hectares of land have been declared as unproductive, according to a report by India Ratings, a ratings agency.

It said that the situation has worsened due to the high levels of water usage in the agricultural sector.

The situation has become so dire that some farmers have resorted to digging wells to collect water from the aquifer to supplement their water consumption.

The lack of water in India has also led to an increase in the amount of water used in agriculture.

The report found that more than 100 million hectares are being used to grow food, but it said that only 25 million hectares were being used for agriculture. As much as

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