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A social exclusion initiative has helped to reverse the rise of depression in Britain

July 1, 2021 Comments Off on A social exclusion initiative has helped to reverse the rise of depression in Britain By admin

By John RidsdaleThis is the first time that a depression initiative has been funded to tackle social exclusion, the National Mental Health Foundation has said.

The National Mental Care Initiative is being launched to address the root causes of mental health problems in Britain, the foundation said.

Its aim is to help improve mental health outcomes, reduce stigma and increase access to social support and to improve health and wellbeing for all, said Dr Sarah O’Neill, director of mental healthcare for the foundation.

“The impact of social exclusion is one of the most pressing challenges facing mental health, with around 20 per cent of people experiencing depression in the UK and around 15 per cent being social excluded.”

To address the issues of exclusion, we need to find effective ways to encourage people to engage and make their lives better.

“This is one way of tackling this issue and we hope that this will be a catalyst for others to start looking for effective ways of working together to address social exclusion in their lives.”

A survey of 2,000 adults found that almost three-quarters of those with depression were social excluded, and one in five felt their health was being negatively affected by their exclusion.

A number of charities, including the National Depression Association, also support the initiative, which is being funded by the Government’s National Living Wage.

It is also designed to be a cost-effective and affordable way of reducing social exclusion.

“We’re not saying we can’t make a difference, but we’re saying that we can make a lot of a difference,” said Dr O’Neil.

“Our aim is not to change the way we think about depression, but rather to provide effective interventions and supports that help people in their time of need.”

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