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Police officer accused of raping woman at home

September 13, 2021 Comments Off on Police officer accused of raping woman at home By admin

Police officers in New York City are under fire for the rape of a woman they allegedly assaulted at her home, but the woman herself says she is not to blame for the incident.

According to a police report obtained by The Associated Press, the woman, who spoke to police on Monday, told officers that she was in the kitchen of her apartment complex on Sept. 9 when she heard someone breaking into her home.

She said she was not home when the intruder came, and she did not see or hear any struggle.

After the woman said she saw the man in the hallway, she heard the man screaming and realized he had a gun in his hand, according to the report.

When the woman ran outside, she saw him trying to enter her home through the garage door.

The man had blood on his hands and he had his eyes rolled back in his head, according the report, which does not detail the exact circumstances of the incident that led to the rape.

The woman told police she grabbed a gun from her kitchen drawer and tried to shoot the intruder in the arm, but it jammed.

She also said the man continued to try to enter the home.

The woman told officers she fired at him twice, hitting him in the right side of his chest and stomach.

She told police the man then left the scene.

She has not been charged.

In a statement released to the AP, a spokesman for the New York Police Department, Anthony Guglielmi, said the incident occurred in “a home that has been used by the community.”

He said the department’s investigation found the officer was not wearing a body camera and that the woman was not involved in any type of altercation with him.

Guglialmi said he did not know whether the woman would be charged.

The statement also did not say what led to an incident that was caught on video and released to local media on Monday.

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