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GOP ‘troubled’ by Trump tweet about ‘tremendous potential for violence’

September 16, 2021 Comments Off on GOP ‘troubled’ by Trump tweet about ‘tremendous potential for violence’ By admin

President Donald Trump is being criticized for his tweet that claimed that “tremends” to have “massive potential for violent conflict.”

Trump tweeted Tuesday that “this is the largest peacetime audience for a television broadcast in history.”

Trump did not specify what “tens of millions” of people watching could be “involved.”

“The media are talking about violence,” Trump said.

“We are talking violence.

And it’s the biggest audience ever for a TV broadcast.

Tremendous possible for violent confrontation.”

But Trump has previously expressed skepticism about reports of violence during his presidency.

In an interview on Fox News in December, he said, “I think there is a very high likelihood that it’s not happening.

We’re not seeing it.

I don’t know.

And you know what?

There’s no evidence of it.”

Trump has also called for greater security at his Mar-a-Lago estate and other properties in the White House complex, including the Oval Office.

The president also tweeted Tuesday about the prospect of a “big crowd” of protesters on the streets of Washington D.C. on Tuesday, which the White Helmets group said was one of the reasons it had canceled its planned march.

“There is no reason for anyone to believe that the crowds will not continue to grow,” the group said in a statement.

“The White House and the White house press office have been making false statements to the public and to their allies that President Trump will not use violence.

The media and the left are now trying to blame violence on President Trump.”

“We have to make sure that people understand that the president has the full authority to use all of the tools he has,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Tuesday.

“This administration will continue to work with the community and the president will continue working with all of our partners, including police and federal agencies.”

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