Italy’s ‘Social Investment’ Is an ‘Institutionalized Form of Socialism’

Italy’s ‘Social Investment’ Is an ‘Institutionalized Form of Socialism’

August 24, 2021 Comments Off on Italy’s ‘Social Investment’ Is an ‘Institutionalized Form of Socialism’ By admin

An Italian social policy institution is claiming that its “social investment” program is “socialism with a capital ‘s’.”

The Italian Institute of Social Policy (IMSP) has been called the “world’s leading advocate for social investment” and has worked closely with the European Commission and the European Union in its fight against austerity.

In a statement released on Monday, the IMSP claimed that the “social investments” program “takes a position that is at the heart of social development, at the core of economic recovery and at the foundation of democratic governance” in Italy.

“The IMS, along with other social policy institutions, is working in the name of social justice and development, and we are a member of the EU’s Social Investment Network,” the statement read.

“We are proud to stand at the intersection of economic development and social transformation, where the political economy of social equity is at its best.”

Italy’s government has been accused of taking a tough stance on social issues by passing sweeping reforms that have seen the country become a financial magnet for wealthier and more powerful investors.

In September, the government passed a series of sweeping measures that allowed for the privatization of public sector businesses, and raised the retirement age for Italian citizens to 70 years old.

It also announced the launch of a social investment program in April, with the goal of helping the country reach its target of saving up to 2 percent of its GDP annually by 2030.

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