How to Live a Christian Life

How to Live a Christian Life

September 6, 2021 Comments Off on How to Live a Christian Life By admin

It’s time to give back to the world, but don’t do it in a way that’s easy to say goodbye to.

We’ve got a few things to share with you, and we hope you’ll give them a go.1.

Don’t go to the movies.2.

Don “get a little bit of something” when you go to a movie.3.

Take a nap in a movie theater or on a couch.4.

Watch the movies in the theater, not at home.5.

Donate to the Salvation Army.

It’ll help them out.6.

Donating to the American Red Cross, Red Cross of Greater New Orleans or Red Cross in the Middle East can help the Salvation Navy.7.

The Salvation Army will give you a free ride to your next Salvation Army rally.8.

The only thing worse than being a homeless person is having to sleep in a hotel room.9.

The National Center for the Homeless will donate a van to any homeless person who needs one.10.

The Red Cross can donate a free meal to anyone who needs a meal.11.

The American Red Crescent will donate free clothing and other items to anyone in need.12.

The International Rescue Committee will provide shelter to any refugee who needs it.13.

The United Way of Greater Los Angeles can provide free food to the homeless.14.

The Catholic Charities of Greater Orange County will provide free meals for homeless and needy people.15.

The Food Bank of Greater LA will provide food to anyone needing it.16.

The Community Action Network of Greater Chicago will donate supplies to homeless people.17.

The Samaritan’s Purse can help with clothing, household supplies, and household appliances.18.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops can provide a free bed to anyone.19.

The Greater Los Angeles Area Community Service Center will provide a bed for homeless people who are in need in the area.20.

The Homeless Alliance of Greater Houston can provide food and shelter to anyone at risk.21.

The Southern Poverty Law Center can help you with a variety of resources.22.

The Metropolitan Community Churches can provide emergency shelter and medical assistance to those in need of it.23.

The North Carolina-based Faith Community Services can provide counseling, food, clothing and emergency food to people in need.(Source: The Associated Press)

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