How to deal with a ‘toxic’ Facebook community

How to deal with a ‘toxic’ Facebook community

July 4, 2021 Comments Off on How to deal with a ‘toxic’ Facebook community By admin

In March, the University of Guelph found that a group of students on Facebook was actively sharing and replying to posts from a misogynistic Facebook page.

The group called itself the “Black Liberation Society” and encouraged its members to take up arms against “White America” by “shooting white people in the back.”

According to the school’s website, the group also encouraged students to “support the fight for Black liberation.”

But as the group’s members engaged in racist rhetoric and threats against members of the university’s Black community, administrators discovered the group had become a toxic online community of white supremacists and “white nationalists.”

The university quickly launched an investigation into the group and its members, and on April 15, Guelhph announced that it had shut down the group.

The university later apologized for the incident, saying that administrators “learned that some members of our community were engaging in hateful, threatening, and violent behaviour that was not in line with the values of our institution.”

But that was just the beginning.

As the Black Liberation Society went into hibernation, Guelleh published an article in The Globe and Mail titled “White Supremacy in Black America,” in which he detailed the group as a “white supremacist” hate group and a “violent and racist hate group.”

He wrote that “while we have made great strides in our understanding of white supremacy and how it operates in our society, the same cannot be said for the many white supremacists who now hold the same views as the Black people who comprise this racist hate movement.”

While Guellehs article was initially met with critical responses, its success has allowed him to build a loyal following of followers and to expand his political influence.

Guelle’s newfound political popularity has also allowed him, among others, to spread the message that white people should be allowed to run for public office, and to publicly accuse President Trump of racism and xenophobia.

Guelhares article drew praise from prominent members of Canada’s political establishment.

Conservative MP Scott Reid tweeted: “Guelhres brilliant article on white supremacy.

Thank you @David_Guelhar for highlighting it in a timely way.”

Liberal MP David McGuinty wrote that Guelle has “created a platform for white supremacy to thrive in Canada,” while Liberal MP and former leader Justin Trudeau praised Guelhar’s “bold” article.

As of last month, Guelinger has nearly 100,000 followers on Facebook, and he has been a prominent figure in Canadian political circles.

He was elected to Parliament in 2017, winning the riding of Guilfoyle-St. Thomas in the federal election.

Gueling is also a vocal supporter of President Trump and the president’s agenda.

Last week, he endorsed the president and accused him of being racist.

“White supremacy is the real enemy of our freedom.

White supremacy is a threat to the way we live our lives,” he wrote.

“We are all Americans, but white supremacy is our enemy.

It is time for our country to unite to defeat it.”

As of May 5, Guelaers Facebook page had over 3,600 likes, and over 60,000 “likes.”

He has also been featured on Canadian radio, in an appearance on Canada’s National Public Radio, and has been featured as a guest on CBC Radio’s The House.

The National Post has reached out to Guelher for comment.

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